Ant & Dec: ‘Red or Black is very risky!’

Ant and Dec host a brand-new ITV1 game show where, over seven nights, seven ordinary people could become millionaires. The duo tell us more about this exciting new show…

What made you want to get involved with Red or Black?

Dec: “We’ve been involved in some big shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and I’m a Celebrity… but I’ve never seen anything like the scale, ambition and originality of this show. It’s really exciting!”

Can you explain how each of the seven live shows will work?

Dec: “Every show is split into three different stages. First, there’s the arena stage, where an audience at the Red or Black arena in Wembley watches challenges and stunts with a Red or Black outcome. If they get it right, they move through to the location stages until we have a final eight contestants. These eight contestants will guess the outcome of more Red or Black challenges in the studio, where one will get to play for £1 million, live on ITV.”

So, the entire show – produced by Simon Cowell – is based on people risking their luck on Red or Black?

Dec: “Yes! All the way through it’s about luck; there’s no skill, there’s no talent involved, you don’t have to sing a song or have a snake wrapped around your neck. Basically, if your luck holds out for 10 different games, you’ll be playing for a million pounds.”

What more can you tell us about the stunts?

Dec: “The challenges are on a very large scale and some of the stuff we’re trying to pull off is pretty risky.”

Ant: “We’re trying to get those stunts and games that you’ve never seen before on live television. It will be very risky – but unmissable!”

It is important for viewers to know – and more importantly care – who wins £1 million?

Ant: “Viewers will follow the contestant’s story all the way through; you’ll know who they are and how they got there. By the end of each show, you’ll know who’s spinning the wheel for £1 million – and they’ll either win or lose.”

Dec: “Each night, someone could walk away with a million pounds or leave with nothing. We could have seven millionaires, we could have none – it’s going to be a rollercoaster of a week!”

Red or Black? begins on Saturday, September 3 at 7pm on ITV1