Antony Cotton has reached the end of his tether as he threw a series of strops in I’m A Celebrity, complaining that it’s ‘boring’ and ‘humiliating’.

The Coronation Street actor has been wound up after tiring of a secret mission to disrupt the camp, as well as seeing his chum Dougie Poynter being put in stocks.

He also threw a hissy fit after Fatima Whitbread told him off for repeatedly swearing, as the contestants entered their third week on the show.

Antony failed to see the funny side when McFly star Dougie was put in the stocks by camp ‘king’ Willie Carson for failing to collect fire wood. He was pelted with sponges for disobeying his orders, but Antony grumbled: “It’s not my kind of fun, it was a step too far, and it was barbaric and humiliating.”

Antony and Dougie have also been chosen to carry out a ‘traitorous’ mission – their challenge being to hide the other campers’ towels.

However, the soap star – who earlier said ‘I don’t want to be here, it’s utterly boring, I’m hating it’ – had to head off into the jungle alone to collect his thoughts.

He told the others: “I had a bit of a panic attack and needed to clear my head.”

Antony had already been stewing on a run-in with Fatima who had moaned about his language and said it was offensive.

“Every day there is something else Fatima,” he told her.

Olympic star Fatima said: “I just find it hard to swallow all the time – I’m just asking you to not keep swearing.”

But he hit back: “And I’m asking you to mind your own business.”