Bored Dom and Jenny threaten to quit jungle

Dom Joly and Jenny Eclair are desperate to end their time in the Australian jungle after growing bored of camp conversation and life.

Speaking about her time on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here, Jenny, 50, confided: “I’ve felt fine, weepy, mad, fine, weepy, mad today and I’m not sure I can go through another day. It’s like time has stood still like groundhog day.”

Dom, 43, agreed, saying: “I’ve had it with this endless round of conversation, I need to talk to someone else, if you weren’t here I would have definitely walked.

“I need to talk about something else. I sit here and listen to endless conversations about s*** music I hate.

“I could very much do with Kayla (Collins) going. She’s really annoying me for no reason at all. It’s totally not her fault, it’s mine.”

Dom said Kayla showed a lack of curiosity, saying: “She’s only asked me one question, what I used my mayonnaise for at home.”

The comedian only won three out of a possible seven meals when he competed in a Savage Garden Centre trial – attempting to find the stars that were hidden among a greenhouse, water pots and a giant dung heap. He muttered: “This is it, the lowest moment in my television career.”

Jenny had to get into a foul-smelling pool with Kayla for the celebrity chest task. But she refused to wear her swimwear, saying: “I’m not taking my shorts off when I’m standing next to a 22-or 23-year-old glamour model, I’m not mad.”

The camp won salt and spices after correctly identifying which of their campmates made various statements.