Helen Flanagan’s parents ‘shocked’ by jungle

The parents of I’m A Celebrity star Helen Flanagan have expressed their concern over the public’s treatment of their daughter in the jungle – and pleaded with them to stop voting for her to do trials.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Julia and Paul Flanagan have said she is being pushed too far – while Julia revealed that she begged Helen not to go on the show for fear she would be unable to cope.

“I was really worried about her going in there because it’s not the nicest of environments at all,” Julia said. “I tried to persuade her not to go, even the week before I said, ‘Helen, you don’t have to do this you know!’

“I said, ‘Helen, do you really think you could eat a kangaroo’s anus?'”

Julia added that she thought the show was leaving viewers with the wrong impression of her daughter.

“The tasks are clearly taking their toll on her,” she admitted. “She’s tired. They are not eating properly, which must be making things worse, and the public are just not seeing the right side of her.”

And her dad Paul added, “At the end of the day she’s our daughter and we want to protect her like any parent would.”

Helen was voted to do her sixth consecutive Bushtucker trial on Saturday night’s show after viewers saw her return empty-handed from her fifth when she refused to do it.

The actress bailed out of doing the Rodent Run challenge – which would have seen her running on a giant hamster wheel infested with mealworms – despite Ant and Dec’s attempts to persuade her otherwise.