Kim Woodburn and Joe Bugner passed a stomach-churning drinking game with flying colours in the latest Bushtucker Trial in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

The heavyweight boxer and the TV cleaner won the admiration of their jungle campmates by winning the maximum number of stars after downing cocktails of crocodile eyes, kangaroo anus and pulped mealworms.

Joe was hoping for an ice-cold vodka at The Jungle Arms pub but his hopes were dashed when he was handed a Castlemaine Four Legs cockroach smoothie, followed by a crocodile foreskin chaser.

Kim matched the heavyweight pound for pound, knocking back the pungent concoctions of blended jungle creatures.

She exclaimed: “The smell is atrocious, it smells like poo. It’s so bad you can die.”

And just when the pair thought their misfortunes were finally over they were offered a final drink for the road to win the camp a chocolate treat.

They chose to drink a witchetty grub smoothie dubbed the Sam-Puka, and the cocktail lived up to its name with Kim vomiting back up the drink, covering herself in regurgitated green slime.

Joe kept his down so Ant and Dec offered Kim one more chance to win the chocolate. She accepted the challenge, downed the liquid and returned to camp a hero.

George Hamilton praised her: “You are some piece of work – amazing.”