I’m a Celebrity star Eric’s son: ‘Dad’s no bully!’

I’m a Celebrity star Eric Bristow‘s son has accused TV producers of editing the show to make his dad look like a bully.

The darts star, 55, reduced Helen Flanagan to tears when he made a jibe about her skin and upset chef Rosemary Shrager with a comment about her weight.

But Eric’s son James, 19, told The Sun that his father’s manager had threatened to call in lawyers over the way he was being portrayed on the ITV1 show.

“I am really p***ed off with the way Dad’s been made to look,” he said.

“The edit’s been totally unfair and I know his manager is talking to lawyers about it.”

He added: “He’s not a bully… They’ve painted him as a really nasty piece of work at points, which is so unfair and frustrating to watch.”

The newspaper quoted an ITV source as saying: “We haven’t heard from Eric’s lawyers. We always make a fair representation of what goes on in the camp.

“If something hasn’t been said, we can’t include it in the programme.”

Eric told ex-Coronation Street actress Helen: “You’ve got a fantastic diet at home. That’s what’s done your skin.”

And he told Rosemary: “I found a machine down the gym that I like. You’d like it as well Rosemary – it’s a vending machine.”