Glamour model Nicola McLean tried to get out of bungee jumping on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! by saying it could damage her breast implants.

But the 26-year-old WAG said the show’s doctor wasn’t convinced by her plea.

“I am completely terrified about having to bungee jump, so when I did my medical I tried to persuade the doctor to put on my medical form that I couldn’t bungee jump in case my implants landed on the floor.”

“He then told me he couldn’t do that because you can even bungee jump with a glass eye. I don’t have a glass eye, I have fake boobs!” she said.

Nicola, who is engaged to Peterborough FC footballer Tom Williams, also said the only preparation she’d done for going into the jungle was going on a sunbed.

She said: “I’m preparing for the jungle by going on a few sunbeds. Yes, I know they’re bad for me but I don’t want to go in there looking minging.

“By having my hair done, by maybe getting some eyelash extensions or just maybe getting my eyelashes tinted, by getting a new set of fake nails – how else do you prepare?”

Fellow WAG and camper Carly Zucker was much more practical about the experience.

“Obviously I am gonna miss simple things like having a nice comfortable bed, hot water I will definitely miss, and heating – being able to control a temperature – I will definitely struggle with that. But hairdryers and things like I’m not too fussed about, I am quite looking forward to just living basically again,” she said.