World’s deadliest spiders found around I’m a Celebrity camp

Lethal funnel web spiders and brown snakes have been found in camera hides around the I'm a Celebrity camp

It’s the stuff of nightmares, especially for Adam Thomas and Sam Quek, a vicious snake and deadly spiders have been found around the I’m A Celebrity camp.

According to the Daily Mirror, eight of the world’s deadliest spiders have been discovered in the camp.

Olympic gold medallist hockey player Sam and Emmerdale star Adam are both petrified of spiders.

Sam Quek
Sam Quek (ITV/REX/Shutterstock)


The Mirror said that the funnel web spider was found in a camera hide near to where celebrities sleep, while one of Australia’s most venomous brown snakes was on the helipad where the celebrities leave and arrive.

Medic Bob McCarron said there is an anti-venom but added: “The funnel webs are the most dangerous spider in the world… This year in one of the camera hides we found eight. That’s the most we’ve ever found in one day.”

He said of the snakes: “Last week we found one in the top helipad. They are very vicious snakes.”