The Jedward twins have told how they are longing to be in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! – so they can climb trees in the jungle.

The pair – who rose to fame on The X Factor – said they were aiming to be part of this year’s line-up for the ITV1 reality series, which returns on Saturday.

As they promoted TalkTalk’s sponsorship of The X Factor, Edward Grimes said: “Yeah, we are going to the jungle. I would so go into the jungle. I am sick of the way there are so many trees and no one ever climbs them.

“We need to climb those trees. We need to discover what is up there. We need to live with the monkeys.”

His brother John added: “Everyone goes in there and just talks all day. [They] should be going around the jungle.”

Twins John and Edward – whose over-the-top routines made them a huge hit with viewers of the talent show (much to Simon Cowell’s frustration) – also revealed that they are keen on acquiring an exotic pet.

Edward said: “We want to get a really weird animal. We’re thinking of getting a kangaroo.”

But brother John seemed to be more interested in owning a primate, saying: “We want to get a monkey. How do you get a monkey? Michael Jackson did it.”