Katie Price faces sixth ‘Celebrity’ trial

Katie Price faced her sixth I’m A Celebrity… Bushtucker trial on Friday night after once again losing out in the public vote.

This time, however, the model will be joined by TV presenter Kim Woodburn, who will represent the exile camp.

The pair will eat a series of ‘jungle delicacies’ in order to try and win food for their respective camps.

Price accepted her fate calmly when informed of the result on Friday’s show. “Oh you’re joking,” she sighed. “Someone else please.”

However, she shrieked with joy when finding out that she would be joined by someone from the exile camp.

Woodburn, meanwhile, was less than thrilled upon learning she would be taking part in the trial. “Thank you so much,” she said. “You’ll be eating rice and beans tonight because I can’t eat those things.”

Price has so far been chosen to do five trials by the public, as well as having to do a compulsary trial before she arrived in camp.

Woodburn will be facing a trial for the second time.

The celebrities in the exile camp have been facing tougher conditions than those in the base camp.

Rations are running short, and at one point chef Gino D’Acampo killed and cooked a rat in order to “boost their protein levels.”

“It’s not done by choice but it’s done because we need it. We need some kind of protein, we need some kind of flavour,” he said.

Hollyoaks star Stuart Manning became the first of the exiled celebrities to return to base camp after winning a challenge in which the celebrities had to stop water coming out of a tube by blocking the holes with their fingers.