Lady C explains why she quit I’m a Celebrity and how she feels about her camp enemies

Lady Colin Campbell has revealed she left I’m a Celebrity for undisclosed medical grounds.

Lady C told ITV: “The reason why I left is I had been under medical supervision.”

She didn’t specify exactly what had happened to cause her exit.

But she did talk about the rows she had with various campmates. “After it was apparent I was getting all the [public] attention it caused a tremendous amount of bad feeling in the camp and then it became increasingly difficult,” she said.

“Tony’s [Hadley] refusal was entirely personal and based on the fact that I was a Lady with a capital ‘L’… Had I been asked to be chambermaid of course I would’ve done it. I’m a sport and I don’t have chip on my shoulder.

“I think there eere so many arguments because Duncan [Bannatyne] and Tony had taken the decision to shut me up and shut me down and run me out of the camp.”

She continued: “Kieron [Dyer] and Chris [Eubank] were wonderfully supportive and showed themselves to be true gentlemen. I would hope we remain lifelong friends. There is no propsect of my ever, EVER having Tony or Duncan in my life in any way, shape or form. They have earned my disregard, they’re going to have to live with it.”

I’m a Celebrity continues on ITV each night until the final on Sunday, December 6.


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