I’m a Celebrity contestant Nicola McLean feared she could get pregnant after eating a crocodile testicle.

The blonde ‘glamour’ model won the Bushtucker Trial against rival Joe Swash after successfully munching bugs, feet and testicles.

But when Nicola, 25, returned victorious to her camp, she confessed to Esther Rantzen: “I asked Ant and Dec whether the ball bag was full of semen and it is, so I swallowed crocodile semen… I asked if I could get pregnant.”

She added: “It’s so bad, it was so tough. It squirted out.”

Joe – who failed to eat his share of the animal testicles – returned crestfallen and told his camp: “I properly underestimated Nicola – that girl’s got balls of steel… she said they’re starving, they’re really hungry.”

Later, Carly Zucker and Martina Navratilova went head to head for the luxury treasure chest. A competitive Martina won, and an exhausted Carly was berated by Robert Kilroy-Silk for losing, despite Nicola winning them food in the trial.

The chest treat was hot chocolate and a trip to visit the Away Camp. When Brian Paddick arrived, Robert snapped at him: “You’ve come to gloat. It’s clear you’re here to see how awful it is compared to you lot.”

Later, during a chat about washing, Joe confessed to Martina he doesn’t want anyone seeing his ‘little weiner’ which he revealed is called ‘Alfie’.

Martina joked: “From what I hear, men give their penis a name for one reason only – that they don’t have a total stranger making all their decisions for them.”