Peter Andre has explained that despite being shocked by his ex wife’s behaviour since their split, he does not hate Katie.

He wrote in his column in New! magazine: “I do not hate Kate and feel very strongly that people should know this – I don’t hate anyone in this world and certainly not the mother of my children.

“I was shocked by her actions after we split and I realised there was no going back, but that’s all in the past now – everyone has choices in life and Kate has certainly made hers.”

Pete went on to deny rumours that he had a new girlfriend and explained his reasons for not seeing Katie since the split.

He wrote: “My feeling is that it’s better for us both to get on with our lives separately.

“I could say a lot more than I have, but I have to think how all this will affect my kids when they’re older.”

The singer added: “The only reason I’ve said this much is because there’s only a certain amount of rubbish you can put up with before you have to clear things up.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Katie and Peter took just over a minute to get a “quickie divorce” in London’s High Court.