Peter Andre in T4 stage tumble

Peter Andre is nursing a bruised ego after stumbling off a stage as thousands of fans looked on.

The singer – Jordan’s ex – was performing his new single Behind Closed Doors at the T4 On The Beach event in Weston-Super-Mare on Sunday.

But as he started his performance, wandering down steps from the back of the stage, he missed his footing and slipped into the security pit. Pete proved to be a trooper though and managed to carry on singing despite his tumble. He only gave away his mistake when he told security staff ‘it’s all right’ a few seconds later.

The star admitted he has set his heart on achieving a No 1 with a single from his comeback album. The Mysterious Girl singer, whose first single from the album Behind Closed Doors will be available to download on August 10, said he didn’t expect fans to ‘jump on it straight away’.

As for that elusive chart-topper, he added: “I want it, I am fighting for it just like everyone else and if it happens, fantastic.”

Peter continued: “I have done about three or four different areas of music and I am just trying to see what people like. It’s always nerve racking because I feel like I’ve got a lot to prove musically.”