‘Political enemies will want me to stay in jungle longer’, says Edwina Currie

Former MP Edwina Currie – who joins I’m A Celebrity tonight – has predicted her political opponents will be trying to keep her in the show for as long as possible to prolong her misery.

The one-time junior health minister headed into the jungle with X Factor reject Jake Quickenden, adding the programme to her tally of TV contests which already includes Strictly Come Dancing and Hell’s Kitchen.

Edwina Currie set for Jungle.
Currie (right) with her Strictly Come Dancing partner Vincent Simone in 2011 ( Mark Allan/AP/)

Currie said she has decided to go on the show because she wants to continue having adventures at her stage of life.

“I am 68 and I like having adventures. If an advanced stage of life is not an adventure, then you might as well give up on everything. This will certainly be something I have never experienced before,” she said.

Currie after being evicted from Hell's Kitchen in 2004.

Currie after being evicted from Hell’s Kitchen in 2004.

Asked about how other politicians will view her participation I’m a Celebrity, she said: “If there is any logic in politics – which there isn’t – my political opponents will be voting for me to stay in and my political friends will be going ‘no let’s get her home as quick as we can’.”


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