Katie Price‘s latest bid for musical stardom looks to be a flop – as chart figures showed she will fail to even make the top 40.

The glamour model turned reality TV star has been on a publicity blitz to drum up interest in her dance track Free To Love Again.

But midweek chart placings show she is on course to make number 59 following the release of the single on Monday.

The reality TV star, whose track Free To Love Again is being sold online, said she’s not concerned about whether it enjoys chart success.

“This is my first proper solo single, a song that I actually want to do and I like – I’m positive about it, it’s a good summer track, I can’t wait to go out and perform it,” she said.

Katie – whose previous musical attempts include a Eurovision bid and a charity album with ex-husband Peter Andre – has decided to go down the digital route, putting her single on iTunes, Amazon and Play.com.

“If it does well, that would be brilliant…It could just be a one-off. Thing is, I’m not a singer and I’m not trying to say I want to be really big and incredible,” she said.

Katie – who is performing at London’s GAY on July 24 – has a response for critics.

“If they don’t like the song, don’t listen to it. I’m doing it for myself,” she insisted.

“Everybody is entitled to their opinions, but people always pick up on the bad ones.”

Listen to Free to Love Again: