Sarah Harding says she doesn’t think Katie Price and Peter Andre’s marriage can be saved.

The Girls Aloud singer was a bridesmaid at the couple’s wedding and has told the Daily Mirror that she hoped they could work through their split, but now feels it isn’t possible.

Sarah, 27, told the newspaper: “It’s so sad – I really hoped it wasn’t permanent and wanted to get them back together, they have both been good friends to me in the past.

“I had a really hard time when I split up with Mikey Green and I’ll never forget everything they did for me. Whenever I was feeling low they’d invite me around to stay in their house to have a break from it all.

“Pete would put the kettle on and Katie would order in some Chinese and we’d chat all night.

“They have both been good friends to me so I’m not going to be drawn into the Team Katie or Team Pete thing.

“Whatever happened was between them. I’ve been in touch with them and said I’m here for both of them. But it doesn’t look like they will get back together now, which is a shame.”

Sarah revealed she recently met up with Katie in Ibiza. “Some people said it was strange that I didn’t go out with Katie in Ibiza. But it wasn’t like that. We were in touch on the phone and met up in private.

“We talked about how she was feeling. I just wanted to make sure she was OK. It’s not nice when something like this happens.”