Shocks and surprises as Celebrity kicks off

The new series of I’m A Celebrity… has kicked off on ITV1, with some tough challenges facing the new stars before they even reached camp.

And for two of the new campers – former page three girl Sam Fox and TV chef Gino D’Acampo – the ordeal began early, as the celebrities enjoyed their last moments of comfort aboard a luxury yacht.

Presenters Ant and Dec arrived and announced that two of the campers would have to leave the yacht and swim through shark-infested waters to spend the night on a deserted island – and the pair were chosen after the celebs drew straws to decide who would go.

The twosome took the challenge well, with Sam even treating Gino to a rendition of her 80s hit Touch Me – but worse was to come when they discovered they would have to face a Bushtucker trial to earn meals and eds for the camp.

Both found themselves holding spiders in their mouths, searching for stars through water tanks of crabs and eels and, in Gino’s case, having to wear a helmet full of creepy crawlies – but in the end they earned nine stars out of a possible 11

“I just wanted to show I was brave, and I was going to fight my fears,” Sam said afterwards, “that’s why I’m here, to face my fears.”

Gino, meanwhile, described the task of putting a live spider into his mouth as “the most disgusting thing ever – really mentally painful”.

The other celebrities took varying routes into camp, with some – including former EastEnders actress Lucy Benjamin and Mis-teeq singer Sabrina Washington – parachuting out of a plane to get there.

Others, including former Strictly Come Dancing winner Camilla Dallerup and snooker ace Jimmy White, rode in to the camp on horseback, tackling a deep stream en route.

Elsewhere, Kim Woodburn and George Hamilton arrived in the camp on foot, and already appeared to have struck up a friendship – while Hollywood legend Hamilton also bonded with twosome Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, calling them “incredibly nice”.

“There’s a lot of respect that’s been given to me,” Hamilton said, “and I’m really appreciative of that.”

Hamilton and Woodburn ended up sharing the battered caravan in the camp site – which unbeknown to the campers will be locked if they fail to do well in their tasks.

And Kim Woodburn was chosen by the public to do the next Bushtucker Trial – much to her annoyance.

“Thank you very much – I love you public,” she said mockingly.

Finally, it was confirmed that Katie Price – aka glamour model Jordan – will be arriving in the camp tomorrow – the second time she has taken part in the show.

“I’m doing this because I’m mad,” she said. “The fairytale has ended and I’m going in for closure.”

“I’m sure the public will vote for me to do the worst challenges ever, because they think I deserve it. But I’ve got nothing to prove.”