Pop star Sinitta was put through her paces in a live trial on Sunday’s I’m A Celebrity in a bid to win meals for the camp.

Earlier in the show viewers saw her attempt the Hell-Evator task in which she had to retrieve stars while standing in an elevator which had been lowered into a pit of water.

Despite managing to find two inside holes in the pit, she was unable to complete the task when faced with the prospect of snakes and other jungle critters.

However the singer soon found herself facing another trial, working her way through a special jungle ‘department store’ to try and secure more stars.

And this one was a live trial, watched by her fellow campmates.

The challenge saw her attempting to retrieve bangles containing stars which had been wrapped around live snakes, holding a lobster in her mouth for 20 seconds and facing onslaughts of slime and creepy crawlies to locate hidden stars.

And after much shrieking, and refusing to complete some parts of the task, she eventually won five meals for the camp – an improvement on the two she managed with the Hell-Evator trial.

She had earlier said the previous trial was “the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life”, and added, “I think if Simon Cowell had been watching that he just would have said ‘Pathetic. Next’.”

Meanwhile, the camp have now been divided into two teams in a bid to win immunity from the first elimination of the series.

Stefanie, leading the Orange team, chose Fatima, Antony, Willie, Lorraine and Sinitta to join her, while Pat Sharp chose Dougie, Crissy, Jessica-Jane, Mark and Emily for the Blue Team.

The two sides were then set a task by special guest Ian Smith – aka Neighbours’ Harold Bishop – which the Blue Team won, leaving the Orange team to spend the night in the Sin Bin – and be further punished by being covered in gunge.