Sinitta has become the second person to get the boot from I’m a Celebrity… after receiving the lowest number of public votes on Friday evening’s show.

The pop star – who had been a late arrival in camp along with Pat Sharp – left just 24 hours after the first evictee Stefanie Powers was sent packing.

And she ultimately lost out after finding herself up against Crissy Rock in the bottom two.

Afterwards Sinitta – who had been voted to do three Bushtucker trials during her time in the camp, told Ant and Dec she had “faced her fears” while she was there.

“I sort of knew,” she said of her departure. “To leave when I’m actually starting to love it is such a great feeling.

“I wanted what happened to happen, to face my fears and not be afraid of everything. I was starting to really love it.”

She added that all the fear she had shown during her trials had been genuine, despite allegations from other camp members that she had been faking them – and added that Pat Sharp, who had spent the first night with her as she struggled with sleeping in a bug-filled cave, did not understand the others’ jungle worries.

“He wants to win, he’s not afraid of anything so when we all start fussing about stuff to him it’s like ‘oh come on, it’s only a bug,'” she said. “He doesn’t really understand people’s deep-rooted fears.”

However she also had words of praise for the DJ, saying, “He was so sweet that first night, whenever I screamed he’d say, ‘it’s nothing’. It was the longest night of his life.”