I’m A Celebrity contestants look set to go hungry after Katie Price bailed out on her bushtucker trial which brought her face to face with her biggest fears.

The former Page 3 girl – who reckons viewers want to see her ‘suffer’ – was forced to wriggle through a muddy, cockroach-infested shaft then plunge into a tank of water.

And she looked like she was on the verge of vomiting as she pleaded to be pulled out of the gruelling challenge.

The model – who joined the rest of the contestants on Monday – won just four meals for the 12 campers at a time when dancer Camilla Dallerup is already struggling with the lack of food.

Quivering Katie was fished out of the water by the show’s medic Bob and she appeared visibly shaken. “It’s the water, I can’t do it,” she explained.

Afterwards she said: “That was awful. Oh my god I thought I was going to drown. I’ll have to do without dinner.”

The trial, called Deathly Burrows, involved pushing through mud walls as she made her way into a tunnel and ran a gauntlet of nasties while she picked up stars.

Katie apologised to her fellow campers for her performance.

“It’s not good. You’re going to starve,” she said. “The fun starts now because you’re going to be hungry. Sorry. It was a cave. It was slippery, gross. They had spiders, a sheet of cockroaches. Then a gush of water took me down and I couldn’t breathe. I was shaking. It’s the water. I can’t do water. So I only got four stars.”