Swimming-induced asthma may be why Becky’s not doing Bushtucker Trials

Rebecca Adlington‘s reason for being ruled out of so many Bushtucker Trials in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! could be asthma caused by swimming, according to reports.

The Olympic gold medallist has been ruled out of a number of challenges on medical grounds, leaving viewers perplexed.

But according to the Daily Mirror, Becky’s relatives have said that she has a condition related to swimming that they are not allowed to give details of, and the 24-year-old swimmer has talked about her asthma in the past.

Her aunt, Sonia Adlington, said: “It’s not Becky’s choice. She wants to do the challenges – even eating grubs – but she is not allowed to do some of them on doctor’s orders.

“Years of swimming gave her a medical condition, details of which we’ve been told not to divulge.”

Becky’s uncle Tony added: “She’s not happy she’s being pulled out of trials. She must be the fittest one in there and it’s annoying for her not to get a go.

“Becky wants the public to know why she is being excused. We wish the producers would say the reason. The family know, but have been sworn to secrecy.”

Becky had previously revealed: “I’ve had asthma since I was little. My type is exercise-induced and it’s common in swimmers.”


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