They might play tough East End coppers in the new ITV1 series Law & Order: UK, but Bradley Walsh and Jamie Bamber would really love a chance to play the parts of the barristers.

Speaking exclusively to Bradley said: “I always wanted to do those long speeches and then nail them at the end… and the cross examinations!”

The pair play police detectives in the UK version of the hit American crime and legal drama, which starts on ITV1 on Monday, February 23.

But Jamie, who plays DS Matt Devlin alongside Bradley’s DS Ronnie Brooks, said the characters might make the leap from catching criminals to the courtroom if there is a third series.

Jamie said: “We always wanted to be in the second half. We will one day because Ronnie and Matt are going to law school at nights. In the third season we will get our wigs and pop up and surprise them!”

Bradley added: “Maybe I will have to get elocution lessons to talk in a middle England accent rather than my cockney accent.”

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