Freema Agyeman denies engagement rumours

Freema Agyeman has denied reports she’s engaged.

The Law & Order: UK actress, who is also known for playing Martha in Doctor Who, said she thought it was ‘hilarious’ that people thought she and her boyfriend were engaged.

“Oh my God, no!” said the 31-year-old. “I’m going to look at that, that’s so funny, my boyfriend’s going to panic!”

But she wouldn’t rule out marriage completely.

She said: “I’m in a really great relationship for the first time ever, but I’ve never been a massive marriage fan.

“But of late, I’m really happy, so you start entertaining the idea. Maybe it would be quite nice… but it’s definitely not happening any time soon.”

The actress added that she would love to have children but that her job meant she had to think about it carefully.

“I would be happy to do that tomorrow, but in this business timing is everything, because you have to take a year out. It’s quite tricky, but I’m going to be 32 and I’ve always wanted children.

“My niece is a year old and I’m absolutely obsessed with her, so I want children more than ever. The reality, however, is I’m midway through a shoot. You wonder when it’s all going to fit in, but these things happen when it’s the right time,” she said.

The new series of Law & Order: UK starts tonight at 9pm on ITV1.

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