Law & Order’s Georgia: ‘I like the glint in Kate’s eye’

Georgia Taylor ditches doctor’s scrubs for a barrister’s gown and wig as the newest Crown Prosecutor in Law & Order UK (ITV, Sunday)…

You join the new six-part series of Law & Order as barrister Kate Barker next week. How are you introduced and what first impression does she make?
“Kate’s introduced as a defence barrister so she’s actually fighting against the Crown Prosecution Service when you first meet her. It’s a two-part story and she’s defending a suicidal man who caused a deadly train crash. From the off there’s conflict between Kate and Chief Prosecutor Jacob Thorne (Dominic Rowan). Kate gets a bit of a kick winding him up because he’s very buttoned up and can’t work her out!”

So she isn’t your typical barrister?
“Kate’s from a working class background and not necessarily your archetypal barrister. She might even be seen as uncouth sometimes but she’s actually terrific at her job – very bright and determined. I think she’s perhaps warmer and more approachable than Jacob, who is quite controlled. He thinks she’s a nightmare!”

He’s in for a surprise then, as she’s going to join the CPS and they’ll be working together…
“He’s shocked when he finds out she’s moving over to the CPS! It’s been really fun for us to play complete opposites who spark off each other.”

Does it look like romance could be on the cards?
“They’re more like a stepbrother and sister who have been forced to live together. Jacob has a grudging respect for Kate as a professional, although sometimes he’d like her to go away! They won’t be jumping into bed together, but they will find a way to work together.”

What is she like outside of the serious setting of the courtroom?

”In court she’s compassionate and professional, but out of court she’s a bit scatty and thrown together. She’s much sloppier than Jacob. The first wig they tried on me looked ridiculous. Eventually one was found that suited me better, but I still think I look like a chubby-faced choirboy in my court costume!”

How does Kate compare to your other like Toyah Battersby on Coronation Street and Doctor Ruth Winters?
“I really like Kate, she’s definitely the sort of person you could go for a pint with. My history in TV has been to play troubled characters in dark storylines [Toyah was raped and Ruth battled mental illness]. Law & Order isn’t as heavily involved in the private lives of its characters. It’s refreshing to focus on Kate’s professional life as it allows me to be a bit more playful. She’s got a glint in her eye, which I like!”


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