A quick chat with Merlin star Colin Morgan (VIDEO)

Despite a year’s worth of international success courtesy of fantasy series Merlin, star Colin Morgan says the fame itself makes him ‘uncomfortable’.

Colin, 23, told whatsontv.co.uk that he was shocked to find people recognising him during a recent trip to New York, almost as surprised as the first time he saw himself on the side of a bus.

The laidback sorcerer’s apprentice says the show’s now been screened in 130 territories and the first series has just had a successful run on primetime TV in the US.

“I was surprised at the reaction out there, especially in New York, to walk down the streets and to have people go, ‘You, you’re Colin Morgan!’ And to think you’re in New York, one of the biggest cities in the world… It’s weird.”

Watch the interview with Merlin star Colin Morgan:

*Series two of Merlin is screening now on BBC One each Saturday*