Colin Morgan reveals Merlin’s new adventures

Colin Morgan gives us the lowdown on Merlin as his magical series returns to BBC1 on Saturday, Sept 11…

What can you tell us about the first episode?

“It’s set a year after the last series ended, and Merlin and Arthur have been searching for Morgana the whole time. Uther has been driven a bit mad by the whole thing. Then Morgana turns up, and it all kicks off!”

Merlin tried to poison Morgana to save Camelot at the end of the last series – how does he feel about that?

“He feels regret and when they do first meet after the long search for her, he’s worried how she will react. What are her thoughts? Will she tell Uther what happened? Will she be back to the Morgana he knew before? This will all be explored…”

Is Merlin getting more powerful this series?

“I think you see different kinds of power coming from Merlin. At the end of the last series, I think a lot of strength and power came from his emotions so, when big things happen, it affects him and he’s powerful as a result. He also has a different kind of power, which you will see.”

Does Merlin still turn to Gaius for help?

“He does, but he is becoming more independent. Gaius is always there as a father figure, but I don’t think Merlin realises how much he really needs from the old fella.”

Has Richard Wilson, who plays Gaius, been a mentor to you off-screen as well as on?

“Sure. You’d be a fool not to listen to people like that because they’ve been in the business so much, and not only in business, but in life. You just want to absorb everything that people like Richard have to offer.”

There are Merlin action dolls coming out – what do you make of your one?

“Pretty good! The Dragon’s really cool. We’ve seen a few of them – it’s a bit bizarre to see yourself. I think anyone into the show will love them.”