Merlin star Alexander hopeful for spin-off series

Alexander Vlahos says he would like to reprise his role in a Merlin spin-off.

The Welsh actor, who portrayed Mordred in the BBC One show, would like to be involved if there were any other Merlin-related shows.

“The loose ends are tied up, but there has been talk about a spin-off. They could do a prequel or do a knight’s one, before the battle,” he said.

“I’d say yes, because I feel like I didn’t have enough time with Mordred. I’ve enjoyed playing him so much and I had some amazing scenes with Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Katie McGrath (Morgana).”

He continued: “When you start growing attached to a character and it gets taken away from you, you think, ‘I could have done this’. It’s not regret because I always knew it was going to be just one series, but towards the end, I felt a bit sad that it was going to be.”

Alex, who recently starred in BBC One drama Privates, also admitted that he has yet to hear from Asa Butterfield, who originally played the part of Mordred.

“I wish I had him as a sounding board through the whole show. I don’t even know if he is aware that someone has replaced him or if he has seen the show,” he said.

“I hope that he would be happy with what I have done with Mordred. I’d like it if he could get in touch with me or even tweet me although hopefully he doesn’t think I’m rubbish!”

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