Merlin star Bradley James reveals all about the Prince’s latest love interest…

What’s going on in Camelot this week?

“There are peace talks in Camelot. All of a sudden there are five kingdoms in the country who are meeting to talk peace after many battles! However, there’s one character who’s not keen on peace – King Alined – as it’ll mean he’ll be poor. Meanwhile, King Olaf has brought his hot daughter, Vivian, along for the peace talks. King Alined tries to set up Lady Vivian (played by Georgia Moffett) and Arthur, knowing it’ll enrage Olaf and he’ll start war again.”

How does he get them together?

“Alined gets his jester, Trickler, to put a spell on Arthur to make sure he fancies this hot princess. For insurance, he puts the spell on both of them and they fall head over heels for each other. That’s when it all starts to happen!”

So it’s up to Merlin to help?

“Yes, it’s all down to Merlin again to save the day. It’s not in the usual spell way – it’s more about using his head!”

What about poor Gwen?

“They’re not an item but there’s a covert understanding between them and lingering looks. They’re very fond of each other. I think it’s a surprise for her. There aren’t many women in Camelot and she’s had no competition before.”

Vivian is his first proper romance then?

“Yes, though everyone’s aware how the Arthur and Gwen storyline ends up, so it’s always bubbling under. But in the meantime I encourage the story writers to throw in a few love interests for Arthur!”

With the jester – is it a comical episode?

“It’s a light-hearted episode with heavy episodes should it all go wrong. Trickler is very playful and funny though. When he was hopping around when Arthur was supposed to be asleep, it was hard to keep a straight face. I might be seen giggling in my sleep!”

What TV do you enjoy watching?

“I loved Wallander. I also like Gavin & Stacey and Doctor Who. I’m looking forward to catching up on a lot of television now I’ve finished filming Merlin. I’ve loved Life, the David Attenborough nature series. And I can’t believe how I much I’m enjoying X Factor!”

Have you got a good voice?

“Thanks to drama school I can hold a note – but whether it’s the right note, that’s another matter. But I have no desire to get in front of people and sing – apart from karaoke with friends, of course!”

Who’s the best singer on the Merlin set?

“It’s definitely not Katie (Morgana) or Colin (Merlin)! It’s between Angel (Gwen) and Anthony (King Uther). They have more professional voices.”

*Merlin screens on Saturday on BBC One*