Will Mellor’s latest role is a departure: he plays the Dark Knight in new BBC1 epic Merlin, a role he hopes will prove he can do more than ‘comedy Jack-the-lads’.

Will, 32, has Hollyoaks, Sorted, Two Pints of Lager and The Streets on his CV, but he told whatsontv.co.uk he relished the opportunity to play the devilish knight in BBC1’s new historical fantasy series.

“I want to do different things. I don’t just want to be a comedy Jack the lad actor. To be honest I just want to work and to keep on working and the more different jobs you do, the more doors are going to open to you,” he said.

Not that Will had to start talking like Hugh Grant. “When it’s a period piece it’s quite precise in the pronunciation. But they wanted me to be northern in it, they didn’t want me to [Received Pronunciation] it up. In the read-through I was a bit more RP and they didn’t want that. The director said he wanted a bit more of a rougher edge.

“So when you watch it, don’t think I’ve just been lazy and done a northern accent!”

Merlin premieres on BBC1 on Saturday, September 20.

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