The Book of Henry Jaeden Lieberher

Never leave things undone. 

Like a drunk clown at a children’s party, this is the kind of movie you watch mouth agape. You just know the foolhardy juggling act it is attempting – a mix of precocious-kid comedy, crime thriller and weepie – is going to end in disaster. Director Colin Trevorrow may have Jurassic World under his belt, but whatever possessed him to think he could pull off the tale of an 11-year-old child genius (Jaeden Lieberher) who leaves a book instructing his ditsy single mom (Naomi Watts) in precise detail how to bump off the suspected child abuser living next door?

Certificate 12. Runtime 105 mins. Director Colin Trevorrow

The Book of Henry debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 6 January. Available on DVD & Digital from Universal Pictures.