Canaries | A feather in his cap: Peter Stray’s low-budget Welsh horror flick

Canaries Peter Stray poster


Offbeat alien invasion horror.

Small-town Wales is probably the last spot you would pick for an alien invasion. Which in itself gives a nice comic edge to writer-director Peter Stray’s low-budget horror comedy Canaries. It’s no joke, however, for the hapless friends gathered for a local New Year’s Eve party when a bunch of zombie-like fishermen in canary-yellow oilskins turn up and start slaying people.

Belying his miniscule budget, Stray mixes laughs and scares to good effect. And he gives his film an international dimension with brief scenes set in Vietnam, Martha’s Vineyard and Washington DC, where Men in Black types are keeping tabs on the alien invasion – and giving a new perspective on the much vaunted ‘special relationship’. Which is little comfort for the dwindling survivors – including Craig Russell’s cocky expat DJ – duking it out with the aliens back in Lower Cwmtwrch, Wales.

Certificate 15. Runtime 84 mins. Director Peter Stray

Canaries is currently playing on Sky Cinema Premiere.