Chalet Girl – Felicity Jones’s snowboarding Cinderella lands on her feet amid the Alpine snobs

Chalet Girl - Ed Westwick & Felicity Jones

Feisty everygirl Kim (Felicity Jones) isn’t posh and she can’t ski, which means she’s distinctly out of her element when she lands a job as a chalet girl in a swanky Austrian ski resort for rich banker Bill Nighy and his ritzy family.

Back home, though, she used to be a skateboarding champ and she lands on her feet when a new chum introduces her to snowboarding. (Snowboarding/skateboarding. The same sport, surely? Plus or minus wheels). Before long, Kim’s swooping down the slopes, her frosty co-worker (leggy Tamsin Egerton) is beginning to thaw and things are starting to hot up with her boss’s dreamboat of a son (Ed Westwick).

Chalet Girl is a cheap and cheerful chick-flick that pads out its thin Cinderella-on-ice storyline with a string of frothy, pop-driven montages, but it glides by painlessly enough thanks to Jones’s frisky screen presence and the odd chuckle from Bills Nighy and Bailey (as Kim’s listless dad). Sure, it’s soppy, but the target audience won’t mind the slush.

On general release from 16th March.

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