The Commune

In mid-1970s Copenhagen, an experiment in communal living exposes the strains in the marriage of the group’s founders, architecture professor Erik (Ulrich Thomsen) and television newscaster Anna (Trine Dryholm). Danish director Thomas Vinterberg (co-founder with Lars von Trier of the Dogme 95 movement and maker of Festen, The Hunt and Far from the Madding Crowd) grew up in just such a commune, so it’s surprising that the skinny-dipping, beer-pooling group he depicts here never feels entirely plausible. His film works much better as a portrait of a crumbling marriage, and Dryholm and Thomsen’s acting is superb.

Certificate 15. Runtime 99 mins. Director Thomas Vinterberg

The Commune debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 15 March and is available on DVD from Artificial Eye.