Cop and a Half: New Recruit | Lou Diamond Phillips gets saddled with a new partner

Cop and a Half New Recruit Lou Diamond Phillips Lulu Wilson

One kid’s fantasy. One cop’s nightmare. 

A luckless Lou Diamond Phillips takes on the Burt Reynolds role of the grumpy detective unwillingly saddled with a precocious kid as a partner in Cop and a Half: New Recruit, a redundant remake of 1993’s lame buddy-cop comedy. An old-school lawman who is clueless when it comes to modern tech (he still uses a flip-phone), he finds he needs the help of Lulu Wilson’s annoyingly eager 12-year-old pipsqueak to unmask the criminal mastermind behind a series of pranks designed to make the local police look silly. The gags are pretty feeble and the action flat, and Wilson (seen to much better effect in Annabelle: Creation) over-acts so much you fear her eyeballs will pop.

Certificate PG. Runtime 92 mins. Director Jonathan A Rosenbaum

Cop and a Half: New Recruit available on DVD & Digital from Universal.


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