Dirty 30 | YouTube stars team up for a party-hearty comedy with a difference

Dirty 30 - Poster Mamrie Hart Grace Helbig Hannah Hart

A party-hearty comedy without the raunch

With huge followings for their individual online channels, YouTube stars Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart (no relation) team up for Dirty 30, a chick-flick comedy about a trio of lifelong friends who throw a last-minute 30th birthday bash that quickly careers out of control.

The story sticks fairly closely to party-movie formula: boozy embarrassment succeeded by life lessons. But the film’s tone is surprisingly different from the norm. Out of the blue, as it were, there’s next to no raunchiness and barely any swearing. Don’t expect a laugh riot, but there are some nice quirky touches (I liked the gag about a charity for ‘alpacas with alopecia’) and the leading trio make likeable screen companions.

Certificate 12. Runtime 83 mins. Director Andrew Bush

Dirty 30 debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 11 April. Lionsgate release the film on DVD & Digital Download.