Dunkirk | Blu-ray review – Christopher Nolan’s immersive World War Two epic

Dunkirk Christopher Nolan Blu-ray 3D.

Defying convention and Hollywood heroics, Christopher Nolan’s immersive epic about the Dunkirk evacuation plunges us straight into the action as the Allies race to rescue their troops from the beaches of 1940 France – putting us in the shoes of Fionn Whitehead’s teenage soldier on the beach; at the helm of Mark Rylance’s small boat as it crosses the Channel to help the rescue effort; and in the cockpit of pilot Tom Hardy’s Spitfire.

Interweaving their stories, Dunkirk brilliantly conveys the panic, terror, endurance and resolve of the people involved. No one gets a traditional narrative arc. No one gets a backstory or a loved one waiting anxiously at home. And no one gets to make a heroic speech, not even Kenneth Branagh’s stoic Naval officer in charge of the evacuation. The film does, however, find room for Harry Styles, who acquits himself credibly as one of the troops – while reminding us just how young these scared, stricken, resilient soldiers were.

Certificate 12. Runtime 106 mins. Director Christopher Nolan

Available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, Limited Edition Blu-ray Filmbook and 2 Disc DVD from December 18 and Digital from December 12.

Blu-ray & DVD Extra features:

  • Creation: Revisiting the Miracle
  • Creation: Dunkerque
  • Creation: Expanding the Frame
  • Creation: The In-Camera Approach
  • Land: Rebuilding the Mole
  • Land: The Army On the Beach
  • Land: Uniform Approach
  • Air: Taking to the Air
  • Air: Inside the Cockpit
  • Sea: Assembling the Naval Fleet
  • Sea: Launching the Moonstone
  • Sea: Taking to the Sea
  • Sea: Sinking the Ships
  • Sea: The Little Ships
  • Conclusion: Turning Up the Tension
  • Conclusion: The Dunkirk Spirit