Follow Noah Segan

 Festive spirit turns sour.

‘Love never dies… even when it should.’ So runs the apt tagline for Follow, a macabre black comedy in which a lovestruck artist-cum-bartender is sent over the edge by a morbid early Christmas present from his unstable girlfriend.

Novelist turned director Owen Egerton’s twisted take on obsessive love doesn’t entirely come off. But leads Noah Segan and Olivia Grace Applegate give it their all, with the latter giving a perverse new meaning to the notion of a passive-aggressive partner.

It’s best not to give away the film’s revelations. Suffice to say that Segan’s increasingly frantic mental state isn’t helped by visits from his landlord (Don Most) and the flirty waitress at the bar where he works (Haley Lu Richardson).

Certificate 18. Runtime 71 mins. Director Owen Egerton

Follow debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Thursday 29 June.