Four fearsome Hammer Horror classics gets resurrected in HD

From Studiocanal come four more Hammer Horror classics on Doubleplay (DVD and Blu-ray). All newly-restored in HD and including special new features; these are a must-have for your film library. Get them from Monday 29 January 2018.

Young Victor Frankenstein (Ralph Bates) returns from medical school with a depraved taste for beautiful women and fiendish experiments. But when the doctor runs out of fresh body parts for his ‘research’, he turns to murder to complete his gruesome new creation. Now his monster (Dave Prowse) has unleashed its own ghastly killing spree and the true horror of Frankenstein has only just begun…
Includes the brand-new featurette, Gallows Humour: Inside The Horror of Frankenstein, an interview with Carlson, and a gallery.

In Victorian London, Professor Jekyll (Ralph Bates) becomes obsessed with developing an immortality serum. Once convinced his findings are complete, he consumes the potion only to turn into a woman. Desperate to cover up his newfound identity he calls her his sister, but things take a turn for the worse when he realises that he needs female hormones if he is to maintain his existence. Before long he is battling with his alter ego Sister Hyde (Martine Beswick), as a number of young girls begin to go missing in the streets of London…
Includes the brand-new featurette, Ladykiller: Inside Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde.

Brenda (Rita Tushingham), an innocent young girl, leaves her hometown of Liverpool for London in search of love. By chance she meets Clive (Shane Briant). Attractive, debonair and rich he seems to be the handsome Prince Charming she’s been looking for, but Clive is actually a deeply disturbed young man and his psychotic tendencies soon manifest themselves and destroy Brenda’s dreams of a fairy-tale life.
Includes the brand-new featurette, Dream Lover: Inside Straight On Till Morning, plus a trailer.

In London, American novelist John Verney (Richard Widmark) is approached by Henry Beddows (Denholm Elliot), who claims that his daughter Catherine is under the spell of satanists. A specialist in occult works, Verney reluctantly agrees to harbour Catherine (Nastassja Kinski) on her arrival from Bavaria, and to investigate the principals of her convent school. They are indeed satanists, a dangerous cult founded by an excommunicated Roman Catholic priest (Christopher Lee) who are involved in the blasphemous worship of Astaroth. When Verney sneaks her away the order use all the powers of black magic at their disposal in the ensuing battle between the forces of light and darkness.
Includes the brand-new featurette, Dark Arts: Inside To the Devil a Daughter, and a trailer