A Ghost Story | Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara star in an eerily memorable supernatural tale

A Ghost Story Casey Affleck as C

It’s all about time. 

This decidedly odd art-house movie is far from a conventional tale of the supernatural. Even if it does feature that stereotypically spectral figure of a ghost in a white sheet with cut out eyeholes.

Writer-director David Lowery (maker of 2003’s Badlands-style outlaw romance Ain’t Them Bodies Saints) is taking a big risk with this unblinkingly cartoonish Halloween image. Remarkably the gambit plays off. This is an achingly sad and haunting story of love and loss.

The man beneath the sheet is Casey Affleck’s C, who is lingering on the site of the blissful life he enjoyed with wife M (Rooney Mara, like Affleck, a co-star of Ain’t The Bodies Saints) before it was cut short by a traffic accident. The film’s minimalist drama and slow pace requires patience. Give it time, though, and A Ghost Story proves eerily memorable.

Certificate 12. Runtime 92 mins. Director David Lowery

A Ghost Story debuts on Netflix on 7 July. Available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from Lionsgate.