Gold | Matthew McConaughey goes for broke as a gung-ho gold prospector

Gold Matthew McConaughey Edgar Ramírez

It was never about the money.

Playing a flabby, balding gold prospector, Matthew McConaughey tests his screen charisma to the limit in Gold, a satirical adventure set in the late-1980s and loosely inspired by real events.

His character, failed Nevada entrepreneur Kenny Wells, heads to the jungles of Indonesia, looking for the big strike that will turn his fortunes around. With Edgar Ramírez’s rugged geologist by his side, he hits the jackpot. But is he smart and sharp enough to keep his fortune out of the hands of Wall Street’s cutthroat bankers?

As the plot twists and turns this way and that, McConaughey throws himself into his role with go for broke gusto, but it is Bryce Dallas Howard as Kenny’s long-suffering girlfriend who gives the movie its heart.

Certificate 15. Runtime 121 mins. Director Stephen Gaghan

Gold available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Download from 5 June.