Here Comes Mr Jordan (1941) | The Hollywood classic is must-see on Blu-ray this Christmas

Nominated for seven Oscars, the 1941 fantasy, Here Comes Mr Jordan is comic perfection, and comes to Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of the Criterion Collection.

Here Comes Mr Jordan

On discovering his body has been cremated following his premature death, working-class boxer Joe Pendleton (Robert Montgomery) is given use of the body of crooked banker Bruce Farnsworth by his angelic minder, Mr Jordan (Claude Rains). But there’s cause for concern when Joe discovers Farnsworth has just been murdered by his adulterous wife (Rita Johnson) and secretary (John Emery)…

Here Comes Mr Jordan

Sweet, sophisticated and super smooth – they certainly don’t make them like this any more – Here Comes Mr Jordan is a prime slice of Hollywood’s golden age that deserves pride of place in any classic film fan’s collection.

The Criterion Collection Blu-ray release features a new 2K digital restoration, which really makes Joseph Walker’s diffused cinematography zing, and includes a host of extras including the 1942 Lux Radio Theatre adaptation starring Cary Grant, Claude Rains and Evelyn Keyes, and a 1991 interview with Robert Montgomery’s daughter, Elizabeth from TV’s Bewitched.

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