Ingrid Goes West | Wickedly funny social media satire starring Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza

Ingrid Goes West Elizabeth Olsen Aubrey Plaza

She’ll Follow You.

A Single White Female for the age of Instagram, wickedly funny black comedy Ingrid Goes West stars Aubrey Plaza as a mentally unstable Internet stalker and Elizabeth Olsen as the vapid social media celebrity on whom she is fixated. Captivated by Taylor Sloane’s Instagram-ready life of hipster cool, Plaza’s Ingrid Thorburn heads to LA and manoeuvres her way into her idol’s circle with cringe-making results. Director and co-writer Matt Spicer has gleeful fun satirising the shallowness of social media and the insecurity it engenders, while Plaza and Olsen’s pitch-perfect performances keep our sympathies nicely balanced as Ingrid’s hopelessly needy scheme unravels. #Hilarious.

Certificate 15. Runtime 98 mins. Director Matt Spicer

Ingrid Goes West available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from Universal Pictures.