Insyriated Juliette Navis Hiam Abbass

Under siege.

Set within the confines of a Damascus flat over the course of a nerve-racking 24 hours, heartrending drama Insyriated brings home the horrors of the Syrian civil war with claustrophobic intensity. Belgian cinematographer-turned-director Philippe Van Leeuw conveys the constant anguish and anxiety that accompanies ordinary domestic life as Hiam Abbass’s strong-willed matriarch strives to keep the household going against a background of distant (and not so distant) gunfire and explosions.

Her charges include her elderly father-in-law, three children and housekeeper, and a young couple with a baby, bombed out of their neighbouring apartment. But it is Diamand Abou Abboud’s fearful young mother who gets put through the most severe ordeals. And who ends up displaying the greatest dignity and courage.

Certificate 15. Runtime 86 mins. Director Philippe Van Leeuw

Insyriated (aka In Syria) available on DVD & Digital from Curzon Artificial Eye. Showing on Sky Cinema Premiere from 4 April.