Laid in America | YouTube stars KSI and Caspar Lee are horny young men on a mission in the USA

Laid in America KSI Caspar Lee

YouTube stars

Crass and witless sex comedy Laid in America casts British YouTube stars KSI and Caspar Lee as a pair of foreign-exchange students frantically trying to lose their virginity on their final night in the United States. The duo’s quest is truly hapless, but as the irritating pair stumble from one mishap to another – including getting kidnapped by a wannabe gangster and winding up at a masked sex party – the filmmakers’ efforts to generate even a half-way decent laugh from their exploits are even more desperate.

Certificate 15. Runtime 86 mins. Directors Sam Millman, Peter Vass

Laid in America debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Thursday 27 July. Available on Blu-ray & DVD from Universal.

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