Level Up | A far-fetched conspiracy sends slacker Josh Bowman scuttling around London

Level Up poster Josh Bowman

One life remaining.

A useless slacker (Josh Bowman) has to prove his mettle to save his girlfriend from mysterious kidnappers in home-grown conspiracy thriller Level Up. Her abductors strap him into a padlocked vest and send him scuttling about London on a series of baffling but increasingly perilous missions, during which he encounters other desperate people who appear to be pursuing their own versions of this perverse venture.

First-time director Adam Randall makes excellent use of some unusual London locations (including W1’s Portland Place and Chinatown). And he gives his film’s best scenes a genuine edge of menace. But the action goes frustratingly slack at times, and the outcome is all too predictable. Besides, the conspiracy isn’t remotely plausible, owing a debt to such films as David Fincher’s The Game and last year’s teen thriller Nerve that the script isn’t smart enough to repay.

Certificate 15. Runtime 85 mins. Director Adam Randall

Level Up debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Thursday 17 August. Available on DVD from Universal Pictures.

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