Lolo Vincent Lacoste Julie Delpy

Best known over here for her roles opposite Ethan Hawke in the Before films, Julie Delpy seems intent on proving herself French cinema’s female answer to Woody Allen as director, co-writer and star of offbeat Gallic romcom Lolo. She plays a neurotic Parisian fashion director who falls for a nerdy IT specialist from the provinces (Dany Boon), only for her ruthlessly possessive, borderline psychotic teenage son (Vincent Lacoste) to do everything in his power to ruin the romance. The material here is fairly slight, but Delpy’s ditsy kook and Boon’s naïve hick do create some nice comic sparks together.

Certificate 15. Runtime 95 mins. Director Julie Delpy

Lolo debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Wednesday 18 October. Available on DVD & Digital from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment.