Love Me Do | A compelling mix of psychological drama and slow-burning thriller.

Love Me Do Jack Gordon Rebecca Calder

Claustrophobic two-handed psychodrama

As couples go, investment banker Antonia (Rebecca Calder) and out-of-work actor Max (Jack Gordon) make an unlikely pair. She’s posh, rich, and icily ambitious; he’s struggling, scruffy and a bit of a slouch. When he moves into her sleek London townhouse, their relationship couldn’t be more imbalanced. What can he do to earn her trust? And how far should he go to prove his love?

Writer-director Martin Stitt’s low-budget debut film Love Me Do requires patience from the viewer. Give it time, though, and this claustrophobic two-hander proves a compelling mix of psychological drama and slow-burning thriller.

With the action entirely confined to Antonia’s house, the film will be too airless for some tastes: this really is a chamber piece. Even so, Stitt gives his actors room to breathe, their characters revealing unexpected sides as the story unfolds. Both do fine jobs, with Calder particularly good as the City ice queen who turns out to be all too brittle.

Certificate 15. Runtime 89 mins. Director Martin Stitt

Love Me Do debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Tuesday 25 April.