Maggie’s Plan | A metropolitan comedy of manners with a touch of Woody Allen

Maggie's Plan Greta Gerwig Ethan Hawke.

There’s definitely a touch of Woody Allen in Maggie’s Plan, a beguiling comedy of manners about New York intellectuals who exchange highbrow banter while getting into romantic scrapes.

Greta Gerwig is the planner of the title, a broody singleton whose project to become pregnant by sperm donor gets sidetracked when she falls in love with Ethan Hawke’s would-be novelist John. He’s an anthropology professor (a ‘ficto-critical anthropologist’, no less), unhappily married to fellow academic Georgette, a scarily intense Danish scholar played with deadpan hilarity by Julianne Moore.

The love triangle that ensues takes a number of surprising turns, nimbly handled by writer-director Rebecca Miller, as Maggie’s well-intentioned schemes go askew.

Certificate 15. Runtime 99 mins. Director Rebecca Miller

Maggie’s Plan debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 13 March and is available on Blu-ray & DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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