Marauders | Bruce Willis’s slippery Cincinnati banker is surely up to no good in this crime thriller

Marauders Christopher Meloni Bruce Willis

The rich will pay.

Routine action thriller Marauders casts Bruce Willis as a short-fused, very slippery banking tycoon whose Cincinnati branches are being hit by a slick but unnecessarily savage gang of raiders. Are they simply in it for the money? Or do they have vengeance in mind?

Willis is going through the motions, but Law & Order‘s Christopher Meloni delivers a far more committed performance as the determined FBI agent investigating the case, while Johnathon Schaech keeps us guessing as a local cop whose motives may be murky or possibly even noble.

Certificate 15. Runtime 98 mins. Director Steven C Miller

Marauders debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Saturday 9 September. Released on Blu-ray & DVD by Universal.

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